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E-Shopping was born in 2006 when electronic commerce in Italy was still little known.

Our first online shop was born in 2007 with Pescaplanet which immediately established itself as a reference online fishing shop in the Italian panorama.

In 2009 the Campersun Project extends our field of action in the Camper, camping and pleinair sector.

2010 sees the birth of the Solohobby project which collects our knowledge in the fishing and pleinair sectors and makes the experiences of our customers in the sectors available to the public.
In 2012 a new project leads us to create Evo Fishing Tackle System an innovative brand with which we distribute fishing products.

Shopping center

An Innovative project that we are carrying out are the E-Shopping and Ipermondo portals that are born as 2 portals to promote online companies where we give small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to rent an online shop already set up and ready for sale with additional services. already included in the canon


Our company also deals with the sponsorship of our associates through the Newsletter and the Social channels as well as indexing on the main search engines carried out by Specialized personnel present in the Company

Why Us Coupons Inside

The Noi Buoni Dentro Project was created to provide our customers with a new online shop experience.
Precisely for this reason Noi Buoni Dentro was born on an innovative, simple and intuitive platform that ensures that our customer has a shopping experience based on the ease of use of the platform regardless of which system makes the purchase, a unique simplicity combined with safety on transactions guaranteed by our partners Paypal and Braintree.

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